About Me

I am a parental figure to two wonderful and energetic girls (now 12 & 9!), run when I can, read before bed, and consume massive – and likely unhealthy – amounts of coffee. I just completed my Ph.D. in English at The Ohio State University, where I focused on medieval literature and critical theory. My dissertation examined forms and figures of friendship in the Chaucer tradition in order to revise an intellectual history of friendship that prioritizes the classical definitions of friendship at the expense of friendship’s other mobile forms. I am currently lecturing in Comparative Studies at The Ohio State University and in English at Columbus State Community College.

What Artow Now is my latest attempt to blog/journal/write regularly. The goal was to offer weekly recaps of my teaching, writing (slowly and sparsely), reading (even more slowly and sparsely), and feeling. But I don’t think it ever quite made it. The blog may feature an occasional rant and some repostings of pieces that interest me. But mostly, the blog is my attempt to play with a continual response to its titular question. It is a revision of a question asked throughout the Chaucerian corpus – perhaps most famously in the Canterbury Tales when the Host of the pilgrimage turns to the narrator and asks, “What man artow?” (VII, 695). But it is also my revision of the question posed by Lady Philosophy to the narrator of Boethius’s De consolatione philosophia (also translated by Chaucer in the late 14th century). In other words, I take for my title a question that is both mocking and serious, both ancient (or at least medieval) and modern.

Above all, though, the blog is mostly for me. It responds to a question posed to myself by myself and for myself. Its publicity is only a mechanism for accountability and a potential for feedback. As such, all thoughts and opinions are my own and are subject to change as my responses to the title ebb and flow.

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