Finally Official

Page from OSU 2017 Commencement Program.

I am not attending graduation this weekend but am happy to report that my name made the program and that my time as a graduate student at The Ohio State University is now officially over. In the absence of any official correspondences over the past couple of weeks, I was a bit worried that there would be some administrative loophole preventing my graduation (such paranoia has become a finely-crafted talent; I am tempted to put it on my c.v.). But all seems to be well. On such an occasion and because it will be a very long time before anyone is able to read them elsewhere, I reproduce below the acknowledgments from my dissertation. Many more who deserved to be named only appear in collective nouns, and those who are named deserve far more praise and appreciation than they receive in the one page we are permitted in the document. I also neglected the obligatory “All errors and solecisms found within are my own” as well as the clichés about standing on shoulders, soaring on wings, or being without words. Their absences make them no less true; there simply was not space. And there never is time enough to say all that needs to be said to those who have come to mean so very much to me (and to our family).

For Alexa and Eliana

           The debts I owe are many and great as I have always been fortunate to be in the company of great teachers, brilliant colleagues, and firm friendships. I wish to thank the faculty, staff, and students of The Ohio State University, particularly those affiliated with the Department of English and the Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies. Thanks to Ethan Knapp, Richard Firth Green, Karen Winstead, and Richard Fletcher. Thanks also to Lisa Kiser, Drew Jones, and Leslie Lockett. My interest in this topic began under the expert guidance of Eric Ruckh, Michael E. Moore, Carole Collier Frick, and Eileen A. Joy. Thanks also to Carl Springer and Michaela Hoenicke-Moore.
I owe a special debt to the members of the BABEL Working Group. Its ranks are too numerous to name here, but Jeffrey Jerome Cohen, Karl Steel, Mary Kate Hurley, Myra Seaman, Betsy McCormick, Nicola Masciandaro, Alan Baragona, Anna Klosowska, and Robin Norris know well how important they have been. Thanks also to the International Hoccleve Society and especially David Watt, Elon Lang, Taylor Cowdry, and Spencer Strubb. Thanks also to friends old and new who offered comments, encouragements, and support: Tiffany Salter, Jason Drake, Michael Harwick, Ryan Judkins, Gabe Viccenzio, John Slefinger, Caitlyn Mcloughlin, Zach Stone, Shyama Rajendran, Chris Roman, Rick Godden, Helen Cushman, Andrew Richmond, Erin Wagner, and Anne Malcolm. My eternal thanks to Sammantha Jayne Demmerle.
Finally, thank you to my family and especially to Jessica, Alexa, and Eliana.


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