Back to the Grind

My goals this week are immense. I need to finalize the syllabus for my medieval romance course, modify my syllabi for two sections of comp, polish the last section of my introduction for the dissertation, and begin writing my Troilus chapter. My goal for break was to finish the Introduction and to draft an additional chapter, but there has not been as much writing time as I had wanted. (To be fair, I also took a few days “off” to read fiction, watch all of the sports, catch up on some podcasts, and indulge in bad television. In brief, I am now obsessed with Kate Atkinson and Tana French; “In the Dark” and “The Bright Sessions” were great, but I will just never be into “My Dad Wrote a Porno”; I loved Season One of “The Grinder” and HATE that it won’t get a second season; and “Crazy Ex Girlfriend” was so enjoyable in Season One and has been so cringeably bad in Season Two.)

There has been precious little time to concentrate on work since the girls have been home from school. One benefit this year is that they have been sleeping in so late that I get a couple hours worth of work done in the mornings, but they are generally up and active before I can get into any kind of rhythm. We have not been doing anything particularly special over break this year. The girls keep themselves entertained mostly, and while school may be out, their extracurricular activities continue apace. Yesterday afternoon, for example, was devoted to gymnastics photos and grocery shopping. We left the house just after an early lunch and returned in time to cook dinner. (Needless to say, there was no evening work last night as I may have dozed off for an hour shortly after dinner clean-up.) As the girls have gotten older, though, working while they are in the house has gotten significantly easier. Alexa sequesters herself in her room for much of the day emerging only occasionally for food, water, or to make requests in the form of urgent demands. Eliana typically occupies herself with toys in front of the television and since Christmas has been more or less glued to the Pokemon game on her DS. Still, I have found it difficult to give up the helicopter parent in me even as I have little idea what either of them are going on about when they tell me about the drama at the gym or the differences between the various iterations of Power Rangers streaming on the tv.



With the girls returning to school tomorrow, I know that I will have more sustained work time, and I hope to post some of the fruits of that time on the blog in the days to come. Tomorrow, I will post a draft of my romance syllabus with some ruminations about the course. Perhaps before the weekend I will also share a snippet from my dissertation just to help me think through the Troilus stuff going into the weekend.


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