In light of today’s “demonstration”

Tweet on 12/5.

One week after a violent incident at The Ohio State University, an unidentified group marched through campus with assault weapons strapped across their bodies. The group numbered little more than a dozen people in all, and it remains unclear how much attention was paid by the student body at Ohio State. But coming exactly one week after the campus had been placed on lockdown, the decision by the administration to approve this demonstration on campus must be seen as distinctly tactless.

The notice to students about the event.

The event also coincides with the Ohio State Senate’s discussion of House Bill 48, part of which would allow individual college campuses to dictate their own concealed-carry policies. As of now, colleges and universities in the state of Ohio are designated safe spaces, like schools, court rooms, and police precincts. The House has already approved the bill, and it now awaits a Senate vote.

It is unclear to me given today’s events what the administration at The Ohio State University would do should HB-48 pass. Hopefully, today’s event is no indication of how ready the college is to see firearms as part of the campus culture. I would hate to see the picture below as the University’s pitch to the class of 2022.

Photo belongs to NBC4 WCMH-TV Columbus

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